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Aasmi Grace


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"Sorry wastes time. You have to live your life like you'll never be sorry. It's easier just to do the right thing from the start so there's nothing to apologize for." - JENNIFER NIVEN (All The Bright Places)

[VIDEO] Midnight Curiosities

I've always been a crazy head when it comes to cutting my hair without a second thought. Initially, I gave...
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[VIDEO] Painted My Ukulele

Hello People! During the lockdown, I was so bored that I ended up doing some crazy things; painting my ukulele...
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About Me

Hello! My name is Aasmi Grace and I love every form of art.
Be it digital, graphic, literature or visual art, I admire each of it equally. I was always so drawn towards things like painting brushes, color of every type, colorful pens, sparkling glitters, beautiful stickers, colorful sheets, and what not. When I was a child, every time I used to see an empty paper, I always just wanted to give that empty space a colorful life to live. Then, later in my teenage, that curious urges grew bigger for me to now start painting few canvases and big walls. And now, in my 20s, that creative impulse has grown so much that I just want to explore more of EVERTHING.
Starting a Blog, creating a YouTube Channel, painting more wall murals, hit and trial methods of learning photography, videography and editing, all of it is there in my life now because I figured
that life is too short to be a boring person, so why not be creative.
I guess, I can say that
creativity is something which has been within me since the day I was born & I just can’t help to purse it as something more than just a hobby, everyday.

Check out my videos and blog posts to know me more.